Anne T. Nielsen

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Anne T. Nielsen
Augusta, Georgia - United States



The concept of this work formed after reading about particle accelerators and the idea that all things are made of matter and all matter is in motion. It was interesting to think of particles being accelerated to high speeds.

Water, air, or rock, are all composed of atoms, and all particles are in motion. I began to wonder what it would look like if we could see the motion in the things around us. Thus began the idea of fluid lahars of advancing movement depicted as ribbons of energy.

My work considers these contemporary scientific ideas, and depicts them with abstracted artistic concepts. Rather than using the traditional intuitive concepts of abstract art, I use the venerated and realistic old master style of painting. I combine glazing with thin layers of color, graying the colors, and the theory of color affected by light and shadow.

This body of work is a result of mixing the intuitive nature of abstraction and the reasoning nature of old master style painting.


A predominately self-taught artist with an education in psychology, Anne T. Nielsen brings a wide range of experience to her art.

She started her art career as a volunteer art director and painter of huge theater backdrops. She also worked in 3-D Metal work. Anne has learned old master style portraiture, still life and plein aire and landscape painting before finding her own style.

Anne won a first place in a national competition and One-Woman exhibition in Pittsburgh, 2003 and a third place in Punta Gorda Florida National Competition. She had an honorable mention in the Hilton Head National Art Competition. She had been juried into several national and regional competitions. She has had 10 paintings shown in the office of Georgia Governor and a SC Senator and two New York City galleries. She has exhibited several times to local acclaim. Anne started Gallery on the Row in Augusta GA in 2004.


2013  Columbia County Art Festival
2013  Hilton Head National Biennial
2012  National Women’s Show, Impact Gallery, Buffalo NY
2012  WPSE Spring show, Course Gallery, Jacksonville FL
2012  Chowan University National Painting Competition
2011  MACK center for the Arts, Solo Show, McCormick, SC
2011  Aiken Center for the Arts, Aiken, SC
2010  Aiken Center for the Arts, Aiken, SC
2009  Westobou Festival of the Arts, Solo Show, Augusta, GA
2008  Gertrude Herbert Inst. Of Art, Augusta, GA
2008  South Carolina State House, Solo Show, Columbia, SC
2008  Aiken Center for the Arts, Aiken, SC
2008  Etherredge Center USC, Aiken, SC
2007  Columbia County Artist Guild
2007  Evans Library NCC Exhibition
2004  Wright State University, Dayton, OH
2003  Box Heart Gallery National Competition Winner, Solo Show, Pittsburg, PA
2003  Sacred Art Festival Box Heart Gallery National Competition
2002  Art with a Southern Drawl Regional, Mobile, AL
2001  Salon Invitational Exhibition, Greeley Square Gallery, NYC
2001  Salon exhibition, Limner Gallery, NYC
2001  Juried into National Women’s Exhibit, Buffalo, NY
2001  GA Capitol Exhibit, Solo Show


2009  Circleville Arts Center, Two Person Show, Circleville, OH
2008  Hitchcock Center, Solo Show, Aiken, SC
2008  Hitchcock Center, Solo Show, Aiken, SC
2004  Painted for Augusta Symphony performance
2003  Douglasville Arts Center, Two Person Show
2002  Etherredge Center USC, Solo Show, Aiken, SC
2002  Warehouse Gallery, Solo Show, Columbus, OH
2001  MACK Art Center, Solo Show, McCormick, SC
2001  32 Vendue Gallery, Two Person Show Charleston, SC


2013 First Place Columbia County Arts Festival
2012 Third Place Abstract Aiken Center for the Arts, Aiken, SC
2011 Third Place Abstract Aiken Center for the Arts, Aiken, SC
2010 Honorable mention “Tennessee Meadow,” Aiken, SC
2010 Greenwood Arts Festival Honorable Mention
2003 Box Heart Gallery National Competition Winner, Solo Show, Pittsburg, PA
2001 First Place, “Orbis Anhelo Saxum” Horizons Arts Festival, Augusta, GA
2000 Second Place “Orbis Cucullus”, Aiken Artist Guild Juried Show Aiken, SC
2000 Third Place “Balls and Pipes”, Southern Artist’s League, Valdosta, GA
1999 2nd place, "The Grand Introduction" Honorable Mention "Millennium Army"
1999 South Carolina Festival of Flowers Juried Guild Show, Greenwood, SC
1999 Honorable Mention “Creations of the Eons”, Aiken Center for the Arts Annual Artist’s Showcase, Aiken, SC