Artist Interview: Tadashi Hayakawa

Writer Felipe Diaz, of 303 Magazine, stopped by in the final days of the “By Way of LA” exhibit to interview artist Tadashi Hayakawa.

“Everything about Tadashi Hayakawa radiates wisdom.

His thin, long white hair, tied casually in the back, hangs lightly over shoulders that slouch slightly as he walks. His face, hardened by time, wrinkles faintly around the corners of his mouth and eyes whenever he smiles. Now in his early-seventies, he walks and talks with the patience of an older generation.

Between his early years as a child actor in Japan to graduating from the Otis Art Institute in Los Angeles and becoming the internationally-recognized artist that he is today, it’s needless to say Tadashi has seen and been through a lot before getting his U.S. mail address in Denver…”

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… and don’t forget to check out the exhibit, yourself!  “By Way of LA” will be on display through August 31st.

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