Chris Schuhmann

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Chris Schuhmann
Boulder, Colorado - United States




There are a few things that I might acknowledge myself to be; a traveler for example, a teacher, a climber, or maybe even an adventurer  ... but I've never thought of myself as a photographer, and certainly not as an artist.  With no formal training and very little practice, I've had to learn through trial and error (many, many errors) how to take pictures that I enjoy.  And yet, I've come to realize that I have now slowly gathered, and in many cases hoarded, dozens of meaningful images that are worth sharing.  So many photos have I gathered, in fact, that I was propelled to create this website in order to finally share them with a larger community.  My hope for these pictures is that they might relay beauty as I've witnessed it, tell a poignant story, reveal inner personality and character, or all of the above at once.   For the vast majority of these images, no one has ever seen them till now.