Colleen Calhoun

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Colleen Calhoun
- Denmark




The immigrant is never at home; yet the immigrant has many homes. An immigrant and an artist, born and raised in a remote corner of Oregon's wild and dramatic coast but living for the last 25 years in Scandinavia, Colleen Calhoun came to maturity as an artist in Europe. The immigrant experience of dislocation, yearning for home, and searching for one's place defines her work. But hers has not been a journey of alienation: it is one of exploration and desire, of vivid color, intense desert landscapes and dreamy, saturated seascapes.

Trained in classical drawing at the Glyptotek Museum in Copenhagen, in linocut techniques at Copenhagen's Billedskolen, and in literature at the University of Copenhagen, Calhoun has spent the past two decades travelling, drawing, and studying art throughout Europe.

At the same time, Calhoun returned again and again to the coast that defined her early years and to the desert lands in which her siblings settled, and these intensely colorful, dramatic landscapes form the world she envisions and explores in her art, as she works through the bleak Scandinavian winter, with its contracted span of gray daylight, its street-dirty snow and bare trees.

Calhoun sees in her work a clear progression in terms of the relationship between the figure and the landscape it inhabits. Her work shows the figure embedded in the landscape, in positions of struggle. Yet in water they depict the opposite-gravity upended. She has often parodied mythological themes in hopes of initiating a dialogue between the old and the new.  Calhoun has now expanded the space of her artwork from tight linocut blocks to the more open spaces of canvas.


2007  Studieskolen, Copenhagen
         Brushes with Land juried show at Gallery by the Bay, Washington USA
2005  Kultur Spinderiet, Silkeborg Denmark
         Lyngby R�dhus (City Hall), Lyngby, Denmark
         Galeria Kierat, Szczecin, Poland
2004  Member of Art Project Fusion, Copenhagen
2001  Madison Audio Gallery, in Seattle, Washington, USA
1997  Danish Oil and Natural Gas Corporation, Copenhagen
1996  Philips Corporation, Copenhagen
1995  The Ministry of Health, Copenhagen
         Statens Information Corporation, Copenhagen
1992  Garanti Fondens Insurance Company, Copenhagen
         Olivetti Corporation, Copenhagen
1991  The Institute of Work Environmental Studies, Copenhagen
         Gallery Casa Mia, Copenhagen
1990  The Spanish Cultural Institute, Copenhagen
         Gallery Gurk, Copenhagen
         Caf� Krasnapolsky, Copenhagen
1989  Reva Center, Copenhagen
1988  Carlsberg Brewery Corporation, Copenhagen
         Gallery Palmer, Copenhagen
1987  The University of Copenhagen
         Gallery M�stingshus, Copenhagen
1986  The Geological Institute, Copenhagen
         Ridehuset, �rhus
         Gallery Klosterstr�de, Copenhagen
1985  The Women�s Gallery, Copenhagen


1981  Classical drawing at Glyptoteket Art Museum,Copenhagen
1982-1984  studied graphics with artist Mona Chawes
1983-1985  Member of The Women�s Gallery, Copenhagen
1984-1985  Billedskolen art school, Copenhagen
1996-2004  The University of Copenhagen  BA,MA in English Literature