Artwork Network’s latest exhibition, Varied Perceptions, is a collection of representational and non-representational art from three Colorado artists. The work of Skye Mason, Maggie Levy, and Karen Poulson conjures a variety of stories and emotions. Varied Perceptions encourages people to look at these artists’ work in a multitude of ways; what they see, what they think the artist sees, and what others see. This dialogue with self is important in understanding and interpreting the way art is perceived.

Skye Mason describes her art as "dramatic, colorful... interpreting objects, scenes and familiar places, using an atypical and romantic approach.” Her varied subjects include cityscapes, landscapes, plants, nudes, and classic cars. Skye’s impasto style of layering paint thickly on the canvas makes for a unique perception of things we see every day.

Maggie Levy’s abstract work starts with a “conversation between artist and canvas.” She works with many different materials, shapes and colors, and the meaning behind her work tends to vary greatly from viewer to viewer. Her goal is to let the painting have its own life. The beauty of her abstract style is twofold; it creates and sets a mood when viewing each piece while also inviting the viewer to wonder what she might be thinking while creating the work.

Karen Poulson is inspired by the things we humans leave behind on earth. She describes her interest in "prehistory and the marks and remnants left by previous generations and connecting past to present." Poulson uses a combination of additive and reductive processes, simulating the erosive and cumulative qualities of the passage of time. These abstract works can be perceived by the viewer as simply fluid and loose, but the deeper meaning behind them is so much more.

Varied Perceptions is on display from April 7th to May 30th, 2017. The Artwork Network Gallery is located at 878 Santa Fe Drive in Denver, and is open Monday - Friday, 9am - 5pm, and Saturday 12 - 4pm, with special hours for First & Third Friday Artwalks.


Exhibit Dates: 4/7/2017 - 5/30/2017
First Friday: 4/7, 6-9pm

The exhibit is free to the public.


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