Kelly Dean Kirks

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Kelly Dean Kirks
Lebanon, Colorado - United States




Itís the process of painting that draws me in. The ever-changing journey of each painting fascinates and fuels my interest. I have experimented with many styles, all of which I enjoy. I am always trying new techniques in search of something different. My two favorite artists are Soutine and Basquiat. I love the freedom at which they painted and how they pushed the boundaries of expressionism. Art has always been a part of my life. My mother was an interior decorator and artist. My first job was working in a furniture store where I would spend hours hanging art to match the furniture arrangements. Art is my passion. I am most comfortable when painting.


I live in Lebanon, Colorado. After my son Max graduated college I left corporate America in Denver and moved to a farm in southwest Colorado. I grew up in Colorado Springs where I attended Palmer High School and Colorado College. I began oil painting at age 26. Over the years I have studied art history. Nothing has ever inspired me the way art has. Iíve had a few basic painting classes but my style of painting is self-taught. I have painted consistently over the last 30 years, although I did not show my work much until recently. My primary focus now is my art and developing my craft.


2015 Solo Exhibition, Bella Arts, Monument, CO


2017 Catalog Artist, Artwork Network, Denver CO
2015-2016 Gallery Artist, Co-Art Gallery, Denver CO
2014-2015 Gallery Artist, Bella Arts, Monument CO