Lynda Tygart

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Lynda Tygart
Evergreen, Colorado - United States




Lynda was trained in film and darkroom technique just as digital photography was beginning to gain popularity. She loves all photography, film or digital, and has found ways to meld old world and new world techniques. An example is her ability to create digital negatives that allow her to use a digital camera to create an image that she can then print in her darkroom.

As an accomplished printer of silver gelatin, she decided to take this hands-on process a step further by learning to create bromoils. It is Lynda's work with bromoil that brought her international attention. Her bromoils have been exhibited in Germany, Belgium, France and New York. One of Lynda's bromoils is now part of the permanent collection in the Nebraska Governor's Residence.

Bromoil is a rare form of hand-inking photographs. The process was created in the early 1900's and became very popular for its soft and painterly appearance. Lynda begins with a silver gelatin (black and white) print that she prints in a traditional darkroom. From there, she bleaches the silver and hardens the gelatin in a chemical bath. Once this step is complete, she is able to apply inks to the fragile surface in thin layers with special brushes to create the effect she wants. Generally, this process will create a delicate etched appearance. Every bromoil is unique and original and can often take weeks to complete. It has become a lost art, so it is rare to find a Bromoil these days.

Lynda's Hand Colored Pigment Prints are digital photographs printed on watercolor paper, allowing Lynda to hand paint on the top surface for a more painterly appearance. The final images have an ethereal presence, reminiscent of the age of pictorialism.


2010  EuroBrom, Paris, France
2008  EuroBrom, Brussels, Belgium
2006  EuroBrom, Leverkusen, Germany N


2008  Hopperfest, Palenville, NY
2005  Hopperfest, Richmond, VA


2015  Foothills Art Center, Juried Show
2015 "Solitude", SYNC Gallery, Denver, CO
2014 "Nostalgic Tennyson Street", Berkeley Untapped, Denver
2010 "Alone. Not Lonely.", Old Market Artists, Omaha, NE
2010 "Omaha", Beebe Runyan Building, Omaha, NE
2010  Group Show, HotShops, Omaha, NE
2009 "From Darkness Comes Light", Old Market Artists, Omaha
2009  Group Show, HotShops, Omaha, NE
2009 "A Beautiful Mess", Louisville Gallery, Louisville, NE
2008 "Grandma's Farm", Old Market Artists, Omaha, NE
2007 "The Lost Art of Bromoil", Old Market Artists, Omaha, NE


Present - 2008  Website Cover, International Society of Bromoilists
Present - Jan 2015  Website, Tennyson Berkeley Business Association
2011  Encounter Magazine, Article, "Art with a Flair", September
2010, 2009, 2008  Cover, "Old Market District Directory"
2008   Permanent Collection, Governor's Residence, Nebraska
2008 "The Lost Art of Bromoil", Governor's Residence Program, NE


SYNC Gallery, Denver, CO
Durham Museum Gift Shop, Omaha, NE
Corning Center for Fine Art, Corning, IA
Independent Thought Gallery, Des Moines, IA


Old Market Artist, Omaha, NE
Omaha Visitors Center, Omaha, NE
Dundee Gallery, Omaha, NE