Silvana LaCreta Ravena

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incursions to the mind
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incursions to the mind

one of a kind
media: mixed media

$5,300 - h: 47" x w: 63" - original

From the Artist:

I love working with wax-based media, and have explored encaustic in a variety of ways. In Encaustic, beeswax is blended with pigments and heat is used to fuse each coat to the layer applied before. Since the core subject of my art is the connections between art and psychology, the resonance between the layers of wax in encaustic and the Freudian concepts of how memory works is really significant to me. So much so that incorporated a layered procedure in all my paintings, both oil and encaustic. Thus, in this work, I invite the viewer to delve into layers of overlapping vibrant colors and heavy textures in a slow process of searching for meanings to what is seen. Matter works as a factory of memories, stimulating uncovering elements not only hidden in the surface of the panel, but also in the viewer’s mind. Hence the name of the work: “Incursions to the Mind”.

© 2016 - silvana ravena

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