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Is That All There Is? (Manhattan, New York)
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Is That All There Is? (Manhattan, New York)

photograph, reproduction
open-ended edition
media: print, chromogenic (color)

$125 - h: 12" x w: 18" - print only, open edition

Graffiti comes from the Italian word graffiato or ‘scratched.’ From a historical perspective, the term refers to inscriptions found on Roman ruins.

Although today, many see graffiti as something far more vulgar, they still are an expression of every day life. They are declarations of love, curses, political statements, and even advertisements. They are dynamic, colorful, and thoughtful: they are the street stories of our time. Interestingly enough, those so-called historical etchings found in Roman monuments also included Latin curses, magic spells, love messages, political cartoons, and yes, even advertisements for a brothel. They were the street stories of ancient Roman time.

What is the saying? The more things change...

© 2011 - scott takeda

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