Allen Thornton

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bedroom window
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bedroom window

photograph, reproduction
limited edition
media: print

$75 - h: 11" x w: 14" - print only


Pictorialism or photographic impressionism is known as the first popular form of fine art photography. Recognized for strong composition and the skillful use of tonality, pictorial photography was fashioned after French impressionist painters of the mid 1800s. Early works intentionally lacked detail while creating images built on the arrangement of masses, shapes, lines, curves and angles. This was complemented with the Japanese design concept of Notan, a balanced arrangement of lights and darks within the art. This form of fine art photography fell from favor in the early 1900s to be replaced by a group of west coast “modernist” photographers lead by Ansel Adams.

The beauty and simplicity of pictorial photography has not been forgotten. The soft wistful moods, found in pictorial images are in stark contrast too much of today’s photography which screams out with over saturated colors and mind dizzying complexity. Pictorialism is a strong influence in much of my new work.

Allen Thornton

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