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strawberry tree 2
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strawberry tree 2

one of a kind
media: graphite, ink

$100 - h: 10" x w: 8" - original

Graphite, Marker, Pen & Ink, Illustration, Signed.

"Strawberry Tree 2" is the first plant illustration that has been inspired by Medieval plants, flowers, and herbs, and the first completed piece in an upcoming series that will explore these simplified but stylistic plants. "Strawberry Tree 2" is a bright and modern interpretation of the plant in my series of medieval plant drawings. These illustrations depict various plants drawn in a stylistic manner, with bright colors and clean lines. "Strawberry Tree 2" is a one of a kind illustration inspired by the simplified shapes of medieval prints. A great fit for any living environment as a single image, displayed in pairs or groups of three. Framing options are available for an additional fee.

© 2013 - nadia j. lee

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