Jimmy Chin

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everest north face
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everest north face

limited edition
media: black & white

$5,000 - h: 20" x w: 30" - print, limited edition
$6,000 - h: 30" x w: 40" - print, limited edition

This classic portrait of the North Face of Mount Everest was taken during Jimmy's failed attempt to climb and ski the 9000ft North Face of Everest in alpine style (without oxygen or fixed camps.) If you look closely, down from the summit pyramid, you can see the intended route cut into the grey band and trending diagonally down and right. After numerous attempts and several fatalities, this line is still awaiting a ski or snowboard descent. The route is certainly one of the greatest ski mountaineering objectives in the world.

The Everest Limited Edition Print Series is a series of Everest photographs taken by Jimmy Chin over the course of four expeditions to the world’s highest mountain. Each print is printed on archival watercolor paper with hand torn edges. The prints are set in a floating format inside a beautiful wood box frame. Prints are stamped with Jimmy Chin’s chop and hand signed by the photographer.

Only 50 copies of each print are being produced. Prices include frames. If you would like to frame your own prints, prices are approximately $1000 less. 8x12 inch print proofs are available upon request.

© 2013 - jimmy chin

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