Teri McCans

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with you, beside you, despite you
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with you, beside you, despite you

with you, beside you, despite you


media: canvas (cotton), watercolor

$2,400 - h: 36" x w: 24" x d: 2" - original, framed

This painting was originally created to pair with “Before You, Ahead of You, Behind You,” and (for display purposes) was intended to be hung to the left of it’s paired painting, so the forms would be facing away from one another. This was inspired by a volunteer deployment to Afghanistan and the male figure was intended to represent the soldier heading off to war. The puddling technique I used with the watercolor to gives it a dream-like quality and makes the male image appear to be fading, or solidifying into the backdrop, depending on interpretation.

Frame is light wood (constructed of bamboo, a self-renewing resource, and finished with a biodegradable resin that contains no oils or solvents), no matting, no glass or plexi. Canvas extends flush with the back of the frame.

© 2011 - teri mccans

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