Teri McCans

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underlying, undisclosed
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underlying, undisclosed
underlying, undisclosed

underlying, undisclosed

one of a kind
media: canvas (cotton), watercolor

$2,400 - h: 36" x w: 24" x d: 2" - original

This painting is just one in a series of 9 portraits inspired by the conflicts presented through false identity. An illusory effect is created with watercolor, masking identity and insinuating artificiality. This illusion of identity is represented as something that is intentionally kept concealed. It speaks about the uncertainty of personality; more so than our own, these are personalities that we interact with in our everyday lives. It is the essence of the saturated, phony, identity; something is missing, incomplete. These are identities that are kept asphyxiated below a false landscape. They are stripped; simplicity, shape, and shadow are all that remain.

© 2013 - teri mccans

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