Teri McCans

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on a cloudy day you can see the weather
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on a cloudy day you can see the weather

on a cloudy day you can see the weather


media: paper, watercolor

$450 - h: 14" x w: 10" - original

This piece was exhibited at Colorida Gallery in Lisbon, Portugal in 2014 and is a part of a collection of works titled “The Storybook Series”. Focusing on the dichotomy that exists between the extremes of human nature, this work melds painstaking attention to detail with abstraction and spontaneity, an outward expression of my attempt to create order from chaos. The human form is my main vessel for this goal; bold colors sometimes create the form, and sometimes they surround it, leaving an empty white silhouette encircled by a cloud of color. My compositions invoke a feeling of anxiety, as if something fragile is about to fall apart, by exploring strained conflicts between stability vs. fragility, strength vs. weakness, and male vs. female. I translate my personal response to these ubiquitous forces through a meticulous control of color, a clean aesthetic, and a deliberate use of negative space.

© 2011 - teri mccans

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