Tracy Lynn Pristas

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connecting silence
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connecting silence
connecting silence
connecting silence
connecting silence

connecting silence

one of a kind
media: canvas (cotton), oil

$8,900 - h: 48" x w: 48" - original

Sold to private collector in January 2015.

This one of a kind large scale oil would be stunning in a bedroom, or
spa room, a place where original artwork can truly shine. Imagine waking
to artwork that speaks to your heart and soul. Procuring an contemporary
impressionistic oil painting with can melt the stress away. Sizable
floating white and red elegant lotus flowers will let your good taste
bubble to the surface. Expressive brushwork and enthusiastic control of
rich pigments rise off the picture plane. These layers are built up with
paint and scraped down, then layered again, until a feeling of serenity
is achieved.

You have to physically see the all over lavish surface textures and
delicate accented brush work in this exemplary work of art.

© 2014 - tracy l pristas

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