Sutton Betti

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autumn sky
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autumn sky

autumn sky

limited edition
media: bronze

$1,900 - h: 21" x w: 10" x d: 11" - sculpture

edition of 12

1-2 of 12 in private collection

A friend of mine who is a very gifted painter and sculptor and teacher told me that I should try to create a sculpture without any plans on it's outcome. Just sculpt and see what happens. Well, this is what happened. It's a piece I also titled without thinking too much. The words autumn sky popped into my head while I was molding the piece and it echoed in my mind. Of my male angel series, it is perhaps one of my favorite sculptures.

Undulating musculature mimics the writhing body of the Autumn Sky. The posture suggests an etherealness, perhaps a dreamlike state, in which a celestial being falls from the sky, like the dying leaves sway in the breeze before touching the ground.

© 2008 - sutton j betti

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