Tracy Lynn Pristas

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cobalt truce
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cobalt truce

one of a kind
media: canvas (cotton), oil

$4,900 - h: 40" x w: 30" - original

Add a soft glow to your interior with this tranquil abstract filled with organic elements, whispered lines and soft colors.The secret to having pastels really pop in a completely white or neutral room is to use pastel artwork as your accent. For this piece Tracy employed layers of oil paint built up with painting knives, brayers, and squeegees. Her blending and mixing of small batches of high quality oil paints is making her one of America’s premier colorists.

Cobalt Truce’s top layers were created with pigment sticks which are oil
paint mixed with wax compressed into a drawing tool. This top layer adds
an expressive sensuous appeal to this delicate abstract.

© 2015 - tracy l pristas

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