Tracy Lynn Pristas

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elemental enchantment
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elemental enchantment

elemental enchantment

one of a kind
media: canvas (cotton), mixed media, oil

$11,000 - h: 60" x w: 60" - original

Sold to private collector in March, 2016.

This is a show-stopper museum quality canvas filled with enthusiastic emotions born from stored memories of mountain vistas and hikes in the woods. Some of Pristasís painting techniques are as action-packed as her finished canvases. For this contemporary abstract landscape Pristas employed layers of oil paint built up with painting knifes, brayers, squeegees.and top notes of pigment sticks. Pigment sticks are oil paint mixed with wax compressed into a drawing tool. This gestural dramatic way of painting allows for her energy and passion for the sensuous quality of the paint to envelop the viewer. This well crafted painting stimulates the mind, and pulsates with spirited color.

© 2015 - tracy l pristas

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