Tracy Lynn Pristas

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watching winds 1
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watching winds 1
watching winds 1

watching winds 1

one of a kind
media: canvas (cotton), oil

$2,250 - h: 24" x w: 24" - original

Sold to private collector in August 2015.

A faraway view of a landscape may appear absolute and even bare but for a painter it breathes with promise. Pristas has been experimenting with abstract landscape paintings as early as 2004 in her Chicago Industrial studio. She now works in a studio that offers views of the foothills and still prefers paintings her observations into dreamlike compositions where color is the foremost component. For this work she fused a complementary color palette and complex mixed media layering techniques. Combing pastel and acrylic she achieves unique structure and depth in this contemporary abstract landscape painting. Pair it with Watching Winds 2 and you have a lovely diptych with greater decorating options.

© 2015 - tracy l pristas

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