Laurie Maves

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I Have Been on Every Path
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I Have Been on Every Path

painting, collage
one of a kind
media: acrylic, collage, mixed media, paper

$230 - h: 21" x w: 18" - original, framed

Artwork size h: 9" x w: 6".

From Laurie Maves’ Abstracts, Circles and Cairns Series 2016. Mixed media on paper with text. This painting is from Laurie’s Abstract series about the vastness, vagueness and notions about spirituality and what it means to ascend. Like the Cairns paintings, the images are created as a metaphor for maps or a guide to help us on our life path. And the circles for Laurie represent the oneness of humanity. Cells are circles, and we are all connected through the ring of humanity of energy and of what we cannot see beyond our own universe.

© 2016 - laurie maves

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