Tracy Lynn Pristas

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woven whispers
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woven whispers
woven whispers

woven whispers

one of a kind
media: canvas (cotton), oil

$8,600 - h: 60" x w: 36" - original

Pristas used the natural scenery of Coloradoís dramatic sunrises and sunsets, with itís blazing oranges and purple hues as a jumping off point for Sweet Enchantment. Here Pristas abstracts from nature using striking color juxtaposition that gives considerable movement to this oil painting. Her blending and mixing of small batches of high quality oil paints is making her one of Americaís premier colorists. For this piece she employed layers of oil paint built up with painting knifes, brayers, and squeegees. Sweet Enchantmentís top layers were created with pigment sticks which are oil paint mixed with wax and compressed into a drawing tool, which adds an expressive sensuous appeal to this subtle abstracted landscape oil painting.

© 2015 - tracy l pristas

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