Tracy Lynn Pristas

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oregon outback I
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oregon outback I

oregon outback I

one of a kind
media: acrylic, canvas (cotton), mixed media, oil pastel

$1,700 - h: 18" x w: 18" - original

The Oregon Outback series was created during my one month awarded residency at PLAYA. PLAYA is a juried artist residency program that supports innovative thinking. It is located in the Oregon Outback near Summer Lake in Lake County. The inspiration for these acrylic and pastel paintings came from my daily walks on the desert basin. I decided to create this series with non-local color which is color expressive of mood or psychological states. The color also plays a role in the formal composition of the painting. This “arbitrary” use of color was the hallmark of Fauvism, whose critics accused the artist of painting like wild beasts. This is the last available painting from that series.

© 2015 - tracy lynn pristas

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