Rebekah Corah

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Time Has Finally Erased
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Time Has Finally Erased

one of a kind
media: charcoal, mixed media, oil, panel (wood)

$915 - h: 30" x w: 24" - original
$975 - h: 32" x w: 26" - original, framed

Art with a Story

"Time Has Finally Erased" is largely based off a small pencil sketch and photo I took. The pencil drawing depicted the portrait as slightly abstracted, which helped me achieve the loose, gestural and abstracted look of the final piece. I used the photo and drawing as reference material while I was painting this piece. To begin, I used charcoal and conte to create a gestural image on Masonite. Then, I applied an under-painting using thin amounts of paint. These first stages are very expressive and loose. The second stage is mostly alla prima, where I developed the image to a higher degree of realism.

"Time Has Finally Erased" is an exploration of memories and how time will erode and change those memories.

This piece is signed.

This artwork has been included in the following exhibitions:

October 2016, received First Place in the juried Outside the Box show at the Depot Art Gallery in Littleton, CO.

April 2016: spring scholarship winner in the painting category for the Pathfinder magazine.

June July 2016: was exhibited into the juried 33rd Annual All Colorado Art Show at the Curtis Arts and Humanities Center in Greenwood Village, CO.

© 2015 - Rebekah Corah

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