Karen Fitzgerald

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Boat 2
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Boat 2
Boat 2

Boat 2

one of a kind
media: oil, panel (wood)

$8,000 - h: 40" x w: 40" - original

Oil with aluminum, silver and 12k gold on MDF panel. No framing is needed.

Most of the time we think of boats in blue water. The water in this painting is not literal its the energy of the ocean. As such, it is vibrant and has the same associations with that which flows within our own circulatory system. This empty boat is also not literal. Its a vessel that is certainly sea-worthy, but in an energy sea. The double gilding creates the memory of the moon, perhaps. I utilize thinned, runny paint. As such, chance is a perfect vehicle for shaping paint, and creating the kind of energy presence Im looking for in my paintings.

© 2011 - Karen Fitzgerald

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