Karen Fitzgerald

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Ancient Wind
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Ancient Wind
Ancient Wind

Ancient Wind

one of a kind
media: oil, panel (wood)

$13,500 - h: 48" x w: 48" - original

Oil with 23k gold on MDF panel. No framing is needed.

Sometimes I wonder how old the wind is. This work suggests that the wind is as old as the water, and at one time they were one and the same. After time, they separated. To make this work, I gilded the ground with 23k gold. This precious metal invokes the realm of spirit, it suggests something is sacred. That is the way it was used in ancient cultures. I began the painting process by putting down a white area. When I was satisfied with that, I added layers of blue. Once that was finished, I added a pattern in 23k gold to emphasize the dynamic nature of the blue space.

© 2015 - Karen Fitzgerald

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