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brasil - rivers
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brasil - rivers

brasil - rivers

one of a kind
media: encaustic, oil, panel (wood)

$1,500 - h: 25" x w: 25" - original

Framed on float dark oak box, signature on the side.

Art with a Story:

"Rivers" is part of a group of encaustic paintings inspired by different aspects related to Brasil, my home country. As in several works in this series, I created an image based on areal photographs and maps some Brazilian rivers as, for instance, the São Francisco River. The São Francisco is one of the longest, most important and beloved, rivers in Brazil, with a length of 2,914 kilometers. It is said to be the longest river that runs entirely in Brazilian territory, the fourth longest in South America and overall in Brazil. It is an important river for Brazil, called "the river of national integration" because it unites diverse climes and regions of the country, in particular the Southeast with the Northeast. It is navigable in several portions, but traditional passenger navigation has all but disappeared in recent years due to changes in the river flow attributed to deforestation and the construction of a dam.

© 2017 - silvana ravena

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