Laurie Maves

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Dear Sugar (A Pocket of Delights)
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Dear Sugar (A Pocket of Delights)

one of a kind
media: canvas (cotton), mixed media

$2,450 - h: 60" x w: 60" - original

Mixed media painting on unstretched canvas.

"Dear Sugar ( A Pocket of Delights)" is a large abstract circle painting on un stretched canvas. The artist values working larger than life as the viewer can be a part of the painting, the viewer can be immersed in color, action, movement, energy and feeling. The "Dear Sugar," reference is to the advice column written by Cheryl Strayed, as the concepts of Radical Empathy are ideas that the artist has been attempting to convey in her painting for the past decade or more. For Laurie Maves, inspiration often comes from many places, but most readily from music, lyrics, poetry or writing.

© 2017 - laurie maves

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