Kat Payge

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Give Light
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Give Light

one of a kind
media: mixed media, panel (wood)

$2,500 - h: 48" x w: 36" - original, framed

Looking for the beauty in lived experience. Framed with black frame. Painting inspired the poem "Retirement" by Hilary DePolo.


first spring in this place far from
her home of 45 years a town she can
afford for the final chapter she searches

for familiar no horizon a butte
dominates the east foothills to the west
the streets up/down hill good exercise for

her and the puppy people welcome her groceries
almost cheap a new home jerry-rigged from
an old church hall her aim hip/funky today

in a fit of buyer’s remorse it smells tired/cheesy
there is work to do she walks to main street
for her daily coffee visits with locals soon

she will be one gray sky artists call it a warm
gray not blue with cold nothing fierce in the
forecast today’s sky reflects earth’s eagerness

to awaken soak in moisture its surrender to
movement soil steps aside seeds answer an
unheard call nose thin green through brown

find air/rain on the tiny porch of her church/home
she sips coffee sky lowers with moisture today’s
task root out dank from the pantry she admires

the porch view butte hovers like a protective auntie
her tia Sophia after the rains she will carve a garden
from the little spit of land she stops mid sip

at the corner of the lot churning around a broken-down
trellis acid green spurs blush pink buds fresh green leaves
a forgotten grape vine planted by a minister’s wife perhaps

she grabs an old milk bottle fills it with water lovingly
waters the root she sees a pergola vine shade leaves
wrapped around spicy lamb/rice rich grape pies

new friends at her table she whispers to the twisted
trunk hello my friend you and I will make home here

© 2017 - Kat Payge

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