Chris Schuhmann

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Bubbling Humpback Whales
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Bubbling Humpback Whales

open-ended edition
media: canvas (cotton)

$595 - h: 20" x w: 40" - print, on canvas
$695 - h: 30" x w: 60" - print, on canvas

Unsigned print on .75" deep gallery-wrapped canvas, ready to hang.

A clever pod of Humpback Whales will occasionally work together to get a meal. Swimming towards the surface in a tight spiral and blowing bubbles from their spouts, the cooperating whales create a net of air that concentrates the fish and forces them to the surface where they are trapped on three sides. Then, all at once, the whales will swim up through the center of the trap and grab an enormous mouthful of the unsuspecting prey! But the sea gulls would not be left out! The gulls would suddenly dive to the surface of the water to pluck the unlucky fish only just a moment before the whales would emerge in an incredible cacophony of noise and spray! Taken in Juneau, Alaska.

© 2014 - Chris Schuhmann

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