Leslie Jorgensen

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New Year's Eve on Hahn's Peak
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New Year's Eve on Hahn's Peak

one of a kind
media: acrylic, canvas (linen)

$500 - h: 16" x w: 20" - original, framed

Sold to private collector.

From the series Art of the Backcountry.

From the Artist:

I love both abstract and landscape painting. Art of the Backcountry is my way of finding the space between the two. This series is based on my experiences in the pristine places of the Colorado Rockies. Having recently gotten into backcountry skiing, Iím inspired by the forces of nature in the changing wind, light, shadows and color of the landscape. There is risk and reward here. For me, these mountains, rocks, trees and snow have a breath and life of their own. I find exhilaration in climbing by my own power to an awe-inspiring place with little or no human structures. It can take hours to get to a place where you take just a single ski run down. But the journey is worth it. These places are defiantly large, untamed and amazing.

© 2017 - leslie jorgensen

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