Rebekah Corah

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one of a kind
media: oil, panel (wood)

$725 - h: 24" x w: 30" x d: 2" - original
$775 - h: 24" x w: 30" x d: 2" - original, framed

Framed in black wooden frame.

Art with a Story

To begin painting "Epangelma" I used charcoal to create a gestural image on the canvas. In order to achieve a level or realism, I used a photo reference of myself. Then, I applied an under-painting using thin amounts of paint. These first two stages are very expressive and loose. The final stage is mostly alla prima, where I develop the image to a higher degree of realism. I also attached feathers onto the painting to reinforce the idea of piece and equanimity.

This artwork has been included in the following exhibitions:

April- May 2017: Received Peoples' Choice Award in the juried, "Anniversary Show', at the Depot Art Gallery in Littleton, CO.

© 2017 - Rebekah Corah

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