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Madrid Maid (Madrid, Spain)
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Madrid Maid (Madrid, Spain)

photograph, reproduction
open-ended edition
media: chromogenic (color)

$125 - h: 12" x w: 18" - print only, open edition

My family visited the Madrid’s Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofia so my painter mother could see some of the best modern art like Picasso’s “Guernica.” However these days, the museum itself is nearly as impressive as the art inside. Redesigned by architect Jean Nouvel, it’s built of glass and steel, with vast, open-air spaces for people to gather.

While leaving the museum, I noticed how daylight shined through the roof openings, creating light patterns on the tile floor. Then I saw this maid and saw the contrast I was looking for. I liked how she represented how this extraordinary building is just like any other building, needing ordinary people to keep it clean and make it work. I waited until she walked into the shaft of light, then pressed the shutter.

© 2017 - scott takeda

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