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norma jean baker
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norma jean baker
norma jean baker
norma jean baker

norma jean baker

drawing, painting
one of a kind
media: mixed media, oil

$2,000 - h: 72" x w: 43"

This piece is inspired by Marilyn Monroe. Marilyn's life was like a Greek tragedy, The Modern Venus. I started this painting mixing different types of media, color and texture. I tilted Marilyn's head to the right to represent Zephyr's breath blowing west. Zephyr's wife Chloris, the Greek Goddess of Flowers is displaced in Marilyn's dress, and the robe bursting stars above the shore. According to legend the red rose gained its color from Venus' blood. Venus was born when the god Uranus' genitals were thrown into the sea, then foam gave birth to Venus. Like Marilyn, she was born by the sea and she would also die by the sea, male ego and others lost love of beauty.

© 2007 - david edwards

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