Scott Takeda

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leaf painting
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leaf painting

leaf painting

photograph, painting, reproduction
open-ended edition
media: canvas (cotton), giclee

$1,040 - h: 40" x w: 30" x d: 2" - giclée, open edition

Providence, Rhode Island

This is another piece of art that fills a sizeable portion of a wall (3.3 feet wide and 2.5 feet high). This is a color giclèe, where the colors are sprayed onto a canvas. The canvas is then stretched over a two-inch-thick frame, with a full-amage wrap. It literally looks like an oil painting. This gives the piece a three-dimensional quality that is different than the standard piece of art. Email me if you'd like to see what this looks like installed. I photographed the image while walking the rainy streets outside of Brown University in Providence. The light was just right when I spotted the shot, and I couldn't resist firing off a few shots.

Previously sold to private collector.

© 2007 - scott takeda

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