Scott Takeda

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golden temple
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golden temple

photograph, reproduction
open-ended edition
media: print

$150 - h: 10" x w: 14" - print only, open edition

Kyoto, Japan
Japan is the birthplace of my great-grandparents. My last name translates into Bamboo Garden. So over the years, I had this image of the "motherland" as a place that was placid and peaceful. I learned that can be true, but it takes work to experience it. For example, I literally captured this photo at arms-length. Elbowing my way through hundreds of snap-happy tourists surrounding the mirrored pond of the Golden Temple in Kyoto, I discovered this Zen meditation center was anything but Zen. The only way to take a photo of it without getting the throngs of humanity posing in front of it was to stretch my arms past the security fence to capture the beauty behind it.

Previously sold to private collector.

© 2001 - Scott Takeda

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