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carbon footprint
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carbon footprint

open-ended edition
media: print

$37 - h: 8" x w: 10" - print
$76 - h: 11" x w: 14" - print
$105 - h: 16" x w: 20" - print
$208 - h: 30" x w: 40" - print

Sold to private collector.

Additional prints are still available.

This photograph was taken depicting the vastness of the sprawling American West. It shows an empty landscape where endless train cars pass through caring their bounty. In each car is a load of coal destined to fill the gigantic appetite of America for carbon based products to fuel her energy needs. Here, as we are on the eve of ecological destruction, due to the continued use of coal- we just can't seem to stop. As man induced, carbon based- global warming takes hold of our climate we struggle to even slow the consumption of mass quantities of coal. The photo also shows the irony of the natural landscape placed in jeopardy by the advancing coal-train bringing on a warmer climate caused by the coal itself.

© 2011 - al heuer

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