John Clymer

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crazy horse at rosebud
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crazy horse at rosebud
crazy horse at rosebud
crazy horse at rosebud

crazy horse at rosebud

limited edition
media: unknown

$1,295 - h: 24" x w: 37" - print, matted and framed

Original asking price $1725.00

edition 308/975

Depicts Crazy Horse leading charge in Battle of Rosebud - June 17, 1876. With 1,000 warriors, Crazy Horse attacked General Crook's 1,300, holding them a bay with a 6-hour long melee of a huge pinwheel of action over a 3-mile long battlefield, and at one point, threatening Crook himself. Crook retired, licking his wounds back to his base camp, Crazy Horse and his successful warriors took on George Armstrong Custer at the Little Bighorn 8 days later.

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© 1975 - john clymer

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