Charles Winfield Miller

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hoofed lightning
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hoofed lightning
hoofed lightning
hoofed lightning

hoofed lightning

limited edition
media: unknown

$2,365 - h: 30" x w: 42" - print, framed

Original asking price $3150.00
Print size is 18" x 30"

edition 224/900; signed by the artist

Buffalo Hunt (depicted in Film - Return of a Man Called Horse) depicts the closeness of the Plains Indians in killing buffalo with arrows and spears. It was a treacherous bit of riding and control of one's horse to run into the midst of a stampeding herd of buffalo as depicted by the artist. The dignity and grace of the Indian riders is demonstrated subtly with this depiction.

Artist passed away in 1995. Piece was purchased in the early 1990's from Snow Shadow Gallery, which was located in Denver, CO.

Gold frame with 4" mat. Two corners of the frame are chipped, as well as two chips along the bottom.

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© 1986 - charles winfield miller

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