Al Heuer

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doors of perception
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doors of perception

open-ended edition
media: print

$37 - h: 10" x w: 8" - print
$76 - h: 14" x w: 11" - print
$105 - h: 20" x w: 16" - print
$208 - h: 40" x w: 30" - print

Sold to private collector.

Additional prints are still available.

This photograph is the morphing of a photo of some old doors in a Beijing alleyway and a photo of the top of a mountain on the island of Java. They mix together so well and beckon the viewer to step forward and open the doors and look beyond.

What could be on the other side? The mysterious quality is enhanced with the fog of the 9000 foot mountaintop.It is a very playful piece, but also asks the very serious question of what lies beyond.

© 2011 - al heuer

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