24/7 Access

You can't schedule creative flow, which is okay since Artwork Network studios are accessible at any time of the day with your personal key and code. 





Great Exposure

Creating work is great, but getting it in front of people is even better.  Artwork Network is a part of the Art District on Santa Fe, which enjoys huge crowds (coming right to you!) during First and Third Fridays.    




Bonus: Gallery Staff

You won't have to beg Mom to studio sit.  Artwork Network is open 6 days a week, so even if you're not actively creating in your studio, guests can still enjoy perusing your masterpieces without you.

Prices start at just $250, and are bundled to include security and utilities.

  Artwork Network Underground Studios
  878 Santa Fe Drive, Denver CO 80204

  Studio 1:  
Currently Leased

Studio 2:  Currently Leased

  Studio 3:
  Currently Leased

  Studio 4:  Currently Leased 

  Studio 5:  Currently Leased
  Includes 10 Linear Ft of Wallspace
  directly across from Viewing Room
  Studio 6:  
Currently Leased

Wall Rental:  Available May, 2018 
  Downstairs common area, Approx h: 8' x w: 55'

  Wall Rental:  Available Mar/April/May, 2018 
  Downstairs hallway, 12x8 + 17x8 + 3x8'

Happy Renters

"I have never regretted taking space at Artwork Network and have been here over three years now. My painting studio is here and I also have a framing operation, my clients love coming into this part of town because its "cool". Every day of the week  there is foot traffic through the gallery. It's a nice little community; there are many working artists in the neighborhood. Artwork Network is one of the nicest buildings in the district, and the operating staff is the best in the city, my opinion. I love coming to work here."

Curt Fowler
Artist Member and Renter





I am a fine art photographer and I have found having a studio in the Denver Art District to be invaluable.  It allows me to interact with other artist and discuss my work with potential customers.  Artwork Network is the perfect location.  The staff is always professional, focused on success and ready to help. 
Allen Thornton
Artist Member and Renter





Leasing Options

Month to month or 1 year leases are available, with 60 day notice prior to vacating. Call 303.562.3123 (or stop by the gallery) to request an application.

Schedule a Tour

Artwork Network is open Monday - Friday, 10 - 5 pm, and Saturdays 12 - 4 pm, and we'd be happy to give you a tour anytime!

Get on the Waiting List

Do you want to be notified when Underground Studio spaces become available?  Give us a call at 303.562.3123, and we'll make sure you're the first to know.

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