Sue Crosby Doyle

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Sue Crosby Doyle
Denver, Colorado - United States



I was born on the East Coast.  We moved to Chicago when I was 8 and I lived there until I was 18.  I went to college in Michigan for awhile then moved to California to trip the light fantastic.

Art I have been doing since a wee child. Chicago was a huge influence on my art and at the art Institute of .  I fell in love with El Greco and Georgia O'Keefe's Clouds. The clouds are large painting that hangs in the huge stairwell as you go up to the second floor of the museum.  It is when I really hooked on  art and could not get enough of it.  I had great Art professors in Michigan, and California and in Colorado. In 1991 I finally received my BFA in printmaking from Metropolitan State in Denver where I have lived for thirty years.  I have always had a passion for photography, as did my father who taught me at young age.  I am a self taught painter.  I am now taking classes at the Art students League in Denver with a wonderful teacher and artist Michael Gadlin.

In printmaking I have a mentor, Dan Weldon.  He taught me how to use solar plates, a non-toxic way to print with new water based Akua Ink. All of my printmaking  really came out in Italy last year when I went with Dan and other art student to San Repatua in Florence.

So to sum this up.  I do printmaking, photography and painting.  I believe they all can stand as images themselves but are intertwined in my mind.  With an intuitive mind and hand,  I paint draw and see.  In photography I see what I take in the frame, not only landscapes, but mops, signs, silly things and serious objects. I have taken pictures or doors and graffiti from all over the world. I love to travel and have been all over the United States, Mexico, China and Europe.